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About Tacit Solutions

Tacit was founded 1988 and is located in technology corridor of Evansville, Indiana. The Founders and staff have tremendous scientific backgrounds along with execution skill sets that are focused on 100% customer success. The primary founder Dan Howell was a member of the Computer Science faculty at the University of Evansville. By leveraging his knowledge of the emerging computer market in the mid-1980's and his vision on the business value to companies in improving their supply chain operations utilizing real-time inventory control systems, Tacit Solutions was born.

Tacit was founded with the focus of providing world class services and support to our customers. This includes business analysis, system architecture design, software development, wireless networking, RFID solutions and customer service. Tacit has an impressive customer list which includes many Fortune 500 organizations.

Tacit's Value Proposition
Tacit is an experienced Wi-Fi wireless & RFID supply chain systems integrator. Tacit offers the following services portfolio which provide business value and competitive advantage to our customers.

  • Business process analysis for identifying key applications where RFID and WiFi wireless should be implemented which will result in a return on investment by reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving productivity, increase inventory turns and satisfying customer compliance mandates.

  • Systems architecture design integrating the customer's ERP & WMS business systems with middleware, applications, RFID system, Wi-Fi wireless network and fixed & mobile clients for real-time visibility and control.

  • RF Engineering services which include site surveys, propagation analysis, RFID tag antenna design and placement on product, solution certification in our RFID lab, portal design and interoperable wireless systems implementation.

  • Implementation services designed around a methodology that focus on speed and quality. Tacit offers systems staging, configuration management, systems kitting and installation services as part of the project implementation process. Professional project management is available for large complex projects where our customers desire to have an RF expert as part of the customer team.

Why choose Tacit Solutions?
The key reasons why you should select Tacit as your trusted advisor and systems integrator for your strategic RFID and wireless initiatives:

  • A 15-year track record of proven success in implementation and integration of supply chain applications & systems.

  • An existing reference-able customer base, a history of success.

  • Technical skills and methodologies that are market proven, in the areas of complex system design, software development, integration, project management with RFID & Wireless expertise.

  • Solutions which leverage the combination of RFID and Wi-Fi wireless systems for migration strategies.

  • Proven leadership and management which have a combined experience of over 75 years in the real-time supply chain application and RF Engineering.
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