Tacit Solutions General Purpose I/O Box

Tacit has developed a GPIO box that replaces the Symbol Light Indicator Box (LIB).  The Tacit GPIO box supports 6 NPN/PNP sensor input devices and 6 mechanical power relays as output devices.  Both inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously and are controlled by Symbol’s Byte Stream Interface commands 40H through 43H.

A valid logic low input is any voltage less than 0.8V. A valid logic high input is any voltage greater than 3V but less than 30V.  The output relays provide Normally Open-, Normally Closed- and Common- connections and are rated for 5A @ 250V.

Tacit’s GPIO box can be ordered in two models.  The first model incorporates a 24 volt, 1.5 amp power supply to drive both input and outputs devices.  The second model assumes that the user will supply their own external power source for both inputs and outputs.  Tacit supplies wiring diagrams for both models.

Supported Input and Output Devices

Light Towers


Signal Lights

Motion Senors

Presence Detectors

  • Requires +12v unregulated power supply
  • 6 Inputs 0-30v DC
  • 6 Outputs 0-250v @ 5A AC/DC mechanical relays normally open/normally closed, common (100K duty cycle). Max power 2.20 W @ 25o C.
  • Temp -40o C to +80o C
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