Tacit Near-Field Antenna Solutions

To accomplish singulation in reading/writing RFID tags it may be necessary to use near field antennae to ensure that only one RFID tag is either written or read during a read/write event.  Using presence detect technology and Tacits’ GPIO box it is possible to achieve singulation using Symbol’s RFID Readers.

Tacit provides near field antenna solutions that include custom cables from the Symbol XR400/XR440 and XR480 RFID Reader to an Antenna Coupler and from the Antenna Coupler to a near field custom antenna.  Antenna run lengths must be specified using the Custom Cable Table on this Web Site.

Caution:  Using these near field antennae requires overriding the Symbol Antenna Check Logic that protects the RFID Readers DSPs from being overloaded.  Using the Symbol Byte Stream Interface a command must first be issued to switch off this antenna safety check.  It is highly recommended that users purchase TX termination loads for those antenna ports not being used to guard against inadvertent overloading of the unused ports.

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